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Greenbelt Resources featured on California Ag Radio - "Recycling Food Waste is Big Business" posted October 13, 2014

Greenbelt Resources and Diversified Ethanol Corporation File Patent Protection for Ethanol-Water Separation Membrane System posted January 8, 2014

Greenbelt Resources Corporation™
is committed to developing and implementing technology that makes alternative energy reliable, practical, and efficient.

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We offer an array of modules with the following functionality: fermentation, ethanol distillation, ethanol dehydration via membrane, process water treatment and heat-and-energy generation. Combined together we provide small-scale systems as solutions for recycling food and beverage based wastes.

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Diversified Ethanol, our subsidiary, designs and builds cost-effective small-scall modular ethanol plants using the award-winning and proprietary "Butterfield Closed Cycle System"™ and patent pending membrane based ethanol dehydration.

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