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Greenbelt Resources and New Age Renewable Energy Team Up for Joint Project Sales Collaboration

Alliance offers a cost-effective sustainable solution for processing dairy industry wastes

Greenbelt Resources Full Scale Organic Waste to Ethanol ECOsystem, New South Wales, Australia

PASO ROBLES, CA – July 2, 2019 – The dairy processing industry may have just gotten a boost to its bottom line from a collaboration between two small but accomplished innovators in cleantech.  Greenbelt Resources Corporation (OTC: GRCO) (Greenbelt), the developer of an award winning sustainable ECOsystem model that transforms food, beverage and agricultural industry wastes into revenue producing bioproducts, and New Age Renewable Energy, LLC. (NARE), an innovator in dairy waste processing projects, announced today a technology collaboration agreement combining the NARE fermentation formulation with the efficiency of Greenbelt’s ECOsystem technology to provide a cost-effective solution for converting dairy processing wastes into bioproducts.

Converting diary processing wastes is not new to the industry.  During the late 20th century, back when smiling faces on TV cheered that milk “does the body good” and before the days of ubiquitous whey protein supplements, dairy processor waste known as “cheese whey” was converted into ethanol using an expensive process that cost twice the value of the ethanol produced, but resulted in half the cost of other waste disposal options.  However, the practice became impractical in the late 80’s as the industry evolved — an evolution that is about to come full circle thirty years later.

NARE, a privately held upstate New York based company, developed its unique formulation to enable generators of wastes such as acid whey, whey permeate, and other milk derivatives to convert their wastes into bioethanol and a high quality protein concentrate.  However, adoption of the technology has been challenged by supply chain issues, scalability, and operational expenses.  Collaboration with Greenbelt resolves those challenges.  Greenbelt’s modular design allows for a distributed network of scalable system deployments while automated intelligent process controls enable low cost operations.

The award winning, EKOLABEL certified ECOsystem developed by Greenbelt provides an ideal  platform for incorporating the innovative fermentation formulation developed by NARE.  The result is a low-energy-footprint and automated, modular cost-effective solution.  The combined solution helps improve a dairy processor’s sustainability profile while also saving them money.  “Not only do we reduce wastes from entering the waste stream or the environment,” notes Greenbelt CEO Darren Eng, “but the waste is converted into commodities that replace commodities with fossil fuel derived carbon footprints.”

And the market is obviously a big one!  According to the USDA, every year over 3 million tons of soft dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese, cream cheese, etc.) are produced across USA.   By NARE’s calculations, converting the cumulative total of only the acid whey waste (one of several waste types generated) would produce nearly 33 million gallons of ethanol and 10 million kilograms of yeast feed per year.  Each ECOsystem solution would likely have a capacity between 400,000 and one million gallons of ethanol production per year.  Currently the industry estimates less than 15% of acid whey waste is diverted into anaerobic digesters, the rest is spread over land – releasing carbon into the air as it decomposes.

“Already, interest has been brewing with multiple RFPs submitted, now under consideration,” states NARE President, Eduard Zaydman.  “The goal of our collaboration with Greenbelt is to establish a much needed industry standard waste solution for the dairy processing industry.”

About New Age Renewable Energy, LLC

New Age Renewable Energy (NARE) is a leader in cost effective and efficient whey and milk derivatives processing. Proprietary, unique yeast formula and method is allowing short fermentation of large amount of dairy production liquid waste. Revolutionary method of waste processing is a 0 discharge and carbon negative. Commodities generated by the process are deemed a 100% renewable and have a wide application across food, beverage and chemical industries. More information is available at

About Greenbelt Resources

Greenbelt Resources Corporation™ is an award-winning provider of automated, modular, small scale sustainable energy production systems, products and processes that enable local cost-effective processing and disposal of food, beverage and cellulosic waste to be converted into commercially viable saleable consumer products such as bio ethanol, protein concentrate and fertilizer.  Operating in several business segments, Greenbelt provides value added solutions to the cannabis, food, beverage and agricultural industries. Greenbelt stock is listed on the OTC Markets Group under the symbol GRCO.   More information is available at

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