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Dairy Processor Waste Solutions: A New Era

Greenbelt Resources and New Age Renewable Energy (NARE) have embarked on a joint collaboration zeroing in on the dairy processing industry as a target market. The joint collaboration provides a much needed solution to address the growing problem of dairy processing wastes. Using the expertise and knowledge from both companies, whey permeate, as well as other other milk derivative wastes, are converted into bioethanol and protein powder, thus producing valuable sellable commodities instead of waste disposal byproducts.

Cooking up NARE’s recipe for making beer (an alcohol containing fermentation mixture) out of dairy waste and doing so in a Greenbelt designed modular kitchen produces the most sustainable cost effective solution on the market for dairy processors.

Why this collaboration works?

Greenbelt’s award winning modular technology efficiently combines modules together to form complete ECOsystems designed to convert a wide variety of feedstocks (typically food, beverage or ag industry wastes, or specialty crops) into valuable products such as protein concentrate, bioethanol and fertilizer. The design allows for a distributed network of scalable system deployments and its automated intelligent process control system enables low cost operations. However, some feedstocks present unique processing challenges… NARE has developed a proprietary formula for processing the unique feedstock of dairy industry wastes such as “acid whey, whey and milk permeates and other mild derivatives to convert it into bioethanol and a protein concentrate. Their formula consists of a closely guarded blend of yeasts and enzymes applied in a particular sequence each time to maximize yield of both protein and ethanol. Thus, NARE’s formula applied within a Greenbelt ECOsystem creates the most sustainable cost effective solution for dairy processors to solve their waste problem.

Benefits to Dairy Processors
Benefits everyone can get behind.

Source Sustainability
Diverting waste for processing and alternate use directly reduces release of carbon into the environment.

Diverting waste for processing results in a net savings for the dairy processor.

Impact Sustainability
Alternate use results in the replacement of commodities otherwise produced by a process with a much large footprint.

Our combined solution helps improve a dairy processor’s sustainability profile while also saving them money. Not only do we reduce wastes from entering the waste stream or the environment, but the waste is completely converted into commodities that replace commodities with fossil fuel derived carbon footprints.