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Our Solutions

Organic Waste Recycling System

Distillation & dehydration modules installed at the University of Florida Stan Mayfield Biofuel Center

end-to-end modular ethanol production technology

“After an international search, choosing Greenbelt Resources as the partner for developing our bioenergy facility came easily due to their impressive technology and versatile business model. By adding this system we will gain added value…while we also begin to achieve a measure of local energy independence.”
– Larry Walsh, Director, Standard Ethanol Pty Ltd.

Greenbelt Resources is an innovator of sustainable energy production systems that delivers modular solutions designed for localized processing of locally generated wastes into locally consumed products. The small-scale, end-to-end modular systems designed, engineered and implemented by the Company, enable production of commercially viable (without subsidies) advanced biofuel (bioethanol) by fully recycling food, beverage and other cellulosic wastes into sellable products: fuel, feed, fertilizer, and filtered water.

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Energy Efficient Ethanol Dehydration

ethanol dehydration through membrane technology

“Greenbelt has the most extensive knowledge of using membrane technology in the ethanol dehydration process in the U.S.”
– Dr. Masanobu Aizawa, GM of Research & Development Strategy, Hitachi Zosen

Greenbelt Resources Corporation designs highly efficient zeolite membrane-based solutions for ethanol production and solvent recovery. Able to be integrated into a wide array of uses, the patent pending dehydration modules by Greenbelt are capable of rapid deployment and quick installation due to their modular design.

Download two-sheet PDF with full details