Greenbelt Resources Receives Letter of Intent From Fuxin Green Energy

Fuxin Green Energy intends to purchase Greenbelt technology

Paso Robles, CA – November 20, 2018 – Greenbelt Resources Corporation (OTC: GRCO) (Greenbelt), the developer of a sustainable ECOsystem model that transforms waste into revenue generating bioproducts, today announced that it has received a Letter of Intent (LOI) from Fuxin Green Energy (FGE), a China-based American owned bioethanol manufacturer with a roll-out plan for multiple facilities. FGE plans to utilize Greenbelt’s proprietary ECOsystem model, which uses a patented membrane dehydration technology, to convert agricultural waste and cultivated sorghum in the Fuxin province into various bio-based products such as bioethanol, animal feed and fertilizer.

“After years of research and establishing ourselves in the local Fuxin province, we believe that Greenbelt’s technology is the best on the market for our type of bioethanol projects,” said Alfred Hui with Fuxin Green Energy. “Their ECOsystem approach enables us to convert a variety of local waste products as well as specialty grown feed crops, such as sorghum, without having change or substantially modify technologies.  Moreover, Greenbelt’s forward thinking focus on community-scale capacity allows us to make an impact on a provincial level benefiting the local city’s mayors.”

“I was impressed with the onsite infrastructure already in place at the Fuxin facility.  Alfred has installed the buildings, heat and power utilities, bulk storage, and even the proper fire suppression systems needed to complement installation of our larger system design.  They also have ability to make spirits and an existing cattle feed line.  Our tech is the only piece that is missing to upgrade and expand their production to scale,” said Greenbelt CEO Darren Eng. “Our ECOsystem model was designed for community scale projects such as Fuxin and similar potential projects in other provinces as encouraged last week by Ambassador Zhang Ping now serving as Consulate General in Los Angeles.”

Eng was invited by the Consulate to participate in a recent China-US Business Cooperation Roundtable.  Earlier this year, Eng and Hui initially met when Greenbelt took part in a series of US-China Cooperation Conferences as part of a multicity touring delegation sponsored by China’s Innovation Center for Energy and Transportation.  According to the LOI, FGE intends to send a delegation to California prior to the end of the year to tour the Greenbelt facility currently being enhanced as part of the California BioEthanol Project.

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