Greenbelt CEO Issues Letter to Shareholders and Investors

PASO ROBLES, CA – January 25, 2018 – Greenbelt Resources Corporation (OTC: GRCO) (Greenbelt) today released the following letter to shareholders and investors from its CEO Darren Eng.

Darren Eng, CEO

Dear Investors and GRCO Shareholders,

The progress and value of the achievements in 2017 cannot be over stated. Greenbelt secured the approval of our bioethanol as an extraction solvent and has expanded its relationship with the Andrew J. Young Foundation. These solid foundations should result in significant revenue in 2018. I am very excited about the future of our technology and the opportunities that lie ahead in the New Year.
2017: New Directions for Core Technology
Greenbelt’s underlying core technology and the recently enhanced business model for its deployment in new markets have resulted in the evolution of our byproducts into multiple high value bioproducts: most notably high value protein concentrates and extraction grade bioethanol for the cannabis extraction industry.
In 2017 we focused on: 1) enhancing market awareness of the company through new investor relations and press initiatives; 2) capital raises to pursue sales initiatives and validate expanded uses of our technology; and, 3) negotiations with future customers via MOUs, LOIs and Offtake agreements. As a result, we released announcements ranging from Southeast Asia to the Southeast U.S. and signed MOUs with conglomerates, LOI’s in the cannabis industry and Offtake agreements for dairy waste, duckweed and more.  
Below is an abbreviated summary of our two most significant achievements and what they mean for investors. To read the complete “Letter to Investors and Shareholders Update,” please click here.
Development of New Bioproducts Increases Revenue Potential
In addition to expanding the breadth and depth of understanding of potential feedstocks, the experiences and new relationships developed over the past year have driven an evolution of Greenbelt’s model that substantially increases the revenue able to be generated by each system deployment. In particular, we have focused on our systems producing products more valuable to the marketplace. 
Bioethanol extraction solvent – The rapidly emerging cannabis industry is expected to become one of the largest growing industries in the next five to 10 years with reports projecting the industry in California alone will annually become a $10 billion market. The cannabis industry projects over 90 percent of cannabis products consumed will be created through extraction methods, of which several (especially medicinal use) prefer ethanol as the solvent. Pricing for solvents is multiple times higher than biofuels, and Greenbelt is in discussion with companies to establish our green bioethanol as the preferred solvent. These discussions are the foundation for expanding our production capacity with the initial focus on California and upstate New York.
Andrew J Young Foundation (AYF) – Early in 2017 we learned Greenbelt’s technology was the subject of a feasibility study by an anonymous global non-profit paid for by a USDA grant. After two years and over $1 million in research, the AYF has developed an economically feasible model for growing and processing duckweed into bioethanol and highly nutritious and quality protein concentrate. The scientists behind the model specified Greenbelt’s system as the core processing technology. The AYF plan is to deploy Greenbelt systems in the U.S. and especially abroad in developing countries to help meet the ever-increasing global demand for sustainable protein production.
While 2017 didn’t meet our revenue goals the new direction for our core technology has positioned us for a more profitable year. We thank you for your continued support, and look forward to an exciting 2018.
Darren Eng, CEO
Greenbelt Resources Corporation
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