Greenbelt Resources Engages with Boundary Stone Partners

Company Seeks Investment to Deploy Award Winning Technology

PASO ROBLES, CA May 27, 2016 Greenbelt Resources Corporation (OTC: GRCO), an innovator of sustainable energy production systems, today announced that it has entered into a non–exclusive contingent fee agreement with Boundary Stone Partners (“BSP”), an investment bank and advisory services firm specializing in public policy with industry expertise in clean energy technologies, to provide financial advisory and banking services to facilitate investment in the company or a company project.

“Greenbelt Resources is ready to develop its own projects with the right strategic partners;” noted Darren Eng, CEO of Greenbelt Resources, adding “with their established track record and industry relationships, Boundary Stone Partners has the ability to introduce Greenbelt to the right strategic partners and to provide expertise in structuring the best relationship.”

Boundary Stone Partners was founded by the two most recent Chiefs of Staff at the United States Department of Energy.  Collectively, the BSP team has approved and closed significant clean energy transactions, developed federal policy, helped U.S. companies navigate foreign markets, managed federal research, development and deployment programs, and raised capital. BSP team members have held senior positions at the White House, the Department of Energy, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Transportation, Congress, and major investment banks.

About Greenbelt Resources Corporation

Greenbelt Resources Corporation™ is an award-winning provider of sustainable energy production systems focused on delivering modular solutions that enable the localized processing of locally generated waste into locally consumed products. The Company designs, develops and implements technology that makes the production of advanced biofuel reliable, practical and efficient. Controlled by proprietary automated controls, the Company’s small-scale, end-to-end modular systems convert food, beverage and other cellulosic wastes into commercially viable advanced biofuels (bio-ethanol), animal feed, fertilizer and filtered water. For more information visit:

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