Greenbelt Resources Selected for Expanded Scope of Work on Vapor-capture System for EcoPAS

PASO ROBLES, CA June 11, 2015 Greenbelt Resources Corporation (OTC: GRCO) an innovator of sustainable energy production systems, today announced that it received a new Purchase Order expanding the scope of work being performed for California-based EcoPAS to manufacture its Passive Alcohol System (PAS) – a revolutionary pollution control device that captures and transforms gaseous ethanol emissions into quality spirit products. In addition to manufacturing the full-scale PAS that will be utilized in a commercial winery later this year, Greenbelt Resources will now also manufacture the manifold system used to aggregate and deliver the exhaust gases containing the ethanol vapor stream to the PAS unit.

“We expected excellent work product from Greenbelt Resources based on the quality of the company’s own systems, but we still planned to spread the work among several vendors,” said Marci Norkin-Schoepel, co-founder of EcoPAS. “When manufacturing the first PAS, Greenbelt Resources exceeded our expectations both in product quality and in servicing our relationship. This led us to expand the scope of work to include the manifold system because we are confident they will deliver the best work product for our customer.”

The 2015 goal of EcoPAS is to become designated as a Best Available Control Technology (BACT) to assist in smog reduction from winery emissions while retaining the otherwise lost vapors for their commercial value. A portion of the product produced by the PAS may serve as an excellent feedstock for Greenbelt’s traditional modular distillation and dehydration systems.

“The progress EcoPAS has made conveying to the Air Pollution Control District (APCD) how business friendly the PAS pollution control system is, has laid the foundation for widespread industry adoption,” said Darren Eng, CEO of Greenbelt Resources Corporation. “In anticipation of the promulgation of regulations requiring ethanol vapor capture, we are preparing to increase our manufacturing capacity of all our product lines including PAS, EcoPAS manifold systems, Distillation Modules and Dehydration Modules. We anticipate once a critical mass of PASs are deployed, the resulting volume of ethanol-containing byproduct will generate demand for our distillation and dehydration systems.”

Installation of the first full-scale system is expected by the end of the third quarter of 2015, with results of the first run expected in early 2016.

About EcoPAS

EcoPAS provides innovative science and engineering solutions to the wine industry. Their patented ethanol capture equipment and fermentation monitoring devices provide a highly cost effective method for wineries to meet air pollution regulations.  Value may be derived by adopting wineries from tradable emission credits, relaxed regulatory production caps and saleable byproducts.

About Greenbelt Resources Corporation

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