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Greenbelt Resources Successfully Produces Ethanol From Duckweed

Duckweed represents the third non-traditional crop feedstock tested with success

Raceway for duckweed cultivation
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PASO ROBLES, CA – March 7, 2018 – For the past several years, Greenbelt Resources Corporation (OTC: GRCO) (Greenbelt), the developer and producer of a sustainable ECOsystem model that transforms food, beverage and ag industry waste into revenue generating bioproducts, has utilized its Commercial Scale Feedstock Testing Facility (CSTF) to conduct feedstock feasibility testing as a service to third party customers. While the CSTF backend capabilities are currently being expanded with funding received as part of a recent agreement to produce bioethanol for the hemp and CBD extraction process, last fall, under a separate research contract, Greenbelt performed a series of innovative frontend tests designed to explore using duckweed as a feedstock.  Today, Greenbelt announced its efforts to produce and process duckweed into bioethanol (and other byproducts) have been successful.

The possible ability to convert duckweed into various viable bioproducts, in particular bioethanol, has been the subject of scientific writings and discussions for decades due to the potential for the plant to be made up of protein, fiber and over 40% starch.  The duckweed recently processed in the CSTF was cultivated and harvested by Greenbelt on a controlled site nearby.  Since the work was performed as part of a third-party contract, Greenbelt has not released detailed performance or yield data.  The accompanying photos depict Greenbelt’s first liter of bioethanol from duckweed and its cultivation area, respectively.

“Duckweed as a class of plant species has spectacular composition qualities,” commented Greenbelt CTO Floyd Butterfield, a lifelong accomplished farmer who at times has cultivated over 400 acres of carrots in a year, adding, “In over 40 years of farming, I’ve never seen anything like it.  The growth potential for duckweed is unmatched.”

Greenbelt’s recently completed testing was conducted under the terms of a service contract for the initial phase of a project that was originally funded by the Andrew J. Young Foundation.  In other news, Greenbelt also recently announced receiving funding pursuant to an agreement with Purnol, LLC to produce bioethanol for use in the predominantly hemp based cannabis CBD extraction process.

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About Greenbelt Resources

Greenbelt Resources Corporation™ is an award-winning provider of automated, modular, small scale sustainable energy production systems, products and processes that enable local cost-effective processing and disposal of food, beverage and cellulosic waste to be converted into commercially viable saleable consumer products such as bio ethanol, protein concentrate and fertilizer.  Operating in several business segments, Greenbelt provides value added solutions to the cannabis, food, beverage and agricultural industries. Greenbelt stock is listed on the OTC Markets Group under the symbol GRCO.   More information is available at


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